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Spiritual Care Program

interfaith outreach ministry

What is it? The Spiritual Care Program is an interfaith outreach ministry that offers spiritual support to all. We minister to persons from every faith, background, including those who do not have a particular faith. The Spiritual Care program is staffed by qualified spiritual leaders and an ordained Pastor.

Religious Services at the home or at the bedside... Blessings, Anointing, Prayer, Counseling, Holy Communion, Friendship.

Inside Spiritual Care Program

Call a Spiritual Leader when You... Feel confused or upset, are asking God, WHY?, have family members that are upset, want to receive sacraments, want someone to pray, are having surgery or going into the hospital, have received hard news, have a difficult decisions, have someone close to you dying, are mourning, want strength, courage and hope beyond your own, your conscience is troubling you and you want, assurance from God's grace, you're wrestling with a spiritual issue or have a question about something the Bible says.

To Reach A Spiritual Leader Dial: 240-300-4278. Available 24 hours a day. seven days a week!

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